Port Orchard, WA 98367
(503) 347 2234

Welcome to the Website of Robert Houghton

Digital Media Artist | Motion Graphic Designer | Editor | Art Direction | Problem Solver

Creating moving media by er… making media that moves.

Happily creating commercials, motion graphics, special effects and 3D animation professionally
since 1996.

Hi! I’m Robert Houghton and I have been creating animations, commercials, special effects and motion graphics since 1996. For 14 years I worked for post production houses, ad agencies and television stations gaining experience in many fields of graphic design and motion graphics. I then branched out and started my own freelance media business in 2010, Houghton Media. 

I have always admired animation even before I began this career, often analyizing it and breaking down the creative process in making it. In fact my clients often comment that they appreciate my “animation eye” whether I work on my own or with a team of other creatives. I enjoy bringing my particular take on design to projects. I plug myself in easily, using my extensive experience to create engaging media. I enjoy learning new things which is why I’m such a good match for this industry. There’s always an opportunity to learn new things. Recently I have enjoyed adding the immense depth of Cinema 4D to my current stable of Adobe creative suite software. 

Among the benefits of having a great deal of experience is that projects go much more smoothly than expected frequently. I look forward to speaking with you about upcoming projects in the near future. I’m open to employment opportunities as well.