Gresham, OR 97080
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Welcome to the Website of Robert Houghton

Freelance Digital Media Artist | Motion Graphic Designer | Editor | Wearer of many hats

Creating moving media by er… making media that moves.

Happily creating commercials, motion graphics, special effects and 3D animation professionally
since 1996.

My name is Robert Houghton and since 1996 I have been creating animations, commercials, special effects and motion graphics. After 14 years working for post production houses, ad agencies and television stations I branched out and started my own freelance media business in 2010, Houghton Media. 

I have always admired animation since I began this career, often analyizing it and breaking down the creative process in making it. In fact my clients often comment that they appreciate my “animation eye” whether I work on my own or with a team of other creatives. I enjoy bringing my particular take on design to projects. I plug myself in easily, using my extensive experience to create engaging media. In this industry you can never stop learning and I have enjoyed adding the immense depth of Cinema 4D to my current stable of Adobe software. 

The benefit of having a great deal of experience often makes projects go much more smoothly than is expected. I look forward to speaking with you about upcoming opportunities in the near future.