Beginning Anew

Hello there, and welcome to a new beginning for myself and Houghton Media. Through this site I will explore different things, creating the mosaic known as myself.

I think the reason why past websites did not get frequently updated is that I was trying to make it something that I wasn’t. I’m all about sharing information or techniques but what I found is that many of the things that influence my work or design don’t quite fall into the world of motion graphics without some significant squeezing. So I would lose interest in highlighting my creating outside of client projects.

Motion graphics is messy, with influencing elements coming from anything from family life, to carpentry, to a love of role playing games. I aim to include windows into such things on a monthly or weekly basis depending on the amount of workload I am under.

This is a huge step for me as I tend to be an intensely private person. I hope you enjoy the exploration.

– Robert