Stay Well This Winter Still

Stay Well this Winter

This November gave me the wonderful opportunity to work with Tiller Marketing of Portland, OR to make a short 1:35 video to help promote five steps to stay safer this season for Neighborhood Health Center. The deadline was tight, especially with Thanksgiving happening during the primary work week but the storyboard and script that they provided made for a good point to start.

We discussed options for the best production we could create given the 3-5 day deadline and after finding proper assets from Shutterstock for all the individual characters we wanted to have it was all hands on deck. Well, really only one deckhand as I was the only one working on this project.

Over the space of 4 days (20-30 hours) I quickly put together an animatic using those characters to create a structure based on the VO. After that it was  time to populate the animations. I kept things relatively simple at first and then embellished the animations once they were established to make it a more entertaining animation. It was done mostly with forward kinematics as I didn’t have too much time to play around with DUIK or Limber to try and use IK to make things work. Setting up the illustrator assets in the right order to populate the scenes proved immensely useful.

Ultimately we came in around 20% under budget and on time, everyone loved the video and I hope it does some good helping folks stay healthy.  It was a pleasure working with Baker and Jess on this project and I look forward to more opportunities to work with them and Tiller in the future.