About Robert

I’ve been a diligent student of the techniques of animation since I was a young boy. I often studied the creative process by breaking videos down to see how it was made and the creative decisions that might have come up during the production. I took that desire to learn and quickly started my professional career at 21 in Portland, OR.

Since then, I’ve worked for two post production houses, a television station and two advertising agencies for 14 years before I started a freelance career in 2010, forming Houghton Media, LLC.

My passion is to help my clients communicate their ideas in the best way possible. By being familiar with the whole process of creating a video production from conception to completion, I apply that knowledge to every project I am grateful to work on. I do this while working on my own or by joining a creative team, integrating myself into the workflow. I plug myself in easily using my extensive experience to create engaging media.

Why don’t we talk and see how I can help you?